Mentorship DTRs

DTR Templates

DTR, or “define the relationship”, is a term used often at Turing when referring to conversations held by two or more people working closely together intentionally defining their professional working relationship. We encourage students to be at the center of their information, to help them get used to and comfortable with being vulnerable about their understanding, and open when they are unsure of something.

These DTR templates aim to help mentors and mentees have clear conversations about expectations, schedules, and goals for the work they do together. The questions outlined in the templates documents should be discussed together with your mentee, and mentors should expect that they will be leading the conversation.

Leading the Charge on Scheduling

Students at Turing are often overwhelmed by the workload, and may not proactively schedule time with a mentor. Students often cite a concern of taking up too much of their mentors time or not wanting to be an imposition. It is not unlikely that you communicate to them several times that you want to meet with them before they truly absorb it. This is why it is strongly suggested that mentors set clear expectations with their mentees around consistent meeting times.

The relationship a student builds with their mentor is incredibly valuable, and they may need clear and direct encouragement from you, their mentor, that it is ok to regularly prioritize time spent working with and talking to you.

When to Check In

Instructors post the schedule for the entire module in advance, which can be found on each program’s curriculum site as well as on this site’s Calendars and Module Overviews sections. Mentors should aim to be conscious of key deadlines that will happen over the course of the module. You are welcome to touch base as often as you like, but we suggest the below key conversations as key opportunities the will benefit your mentte:

Most Weeks

  • Project due dates
  • Evaluations

Week 1

  • Kick-off Mentor + Mentee Kick-off DTR

Week 3/4

  • Mid-mod Follow Up
    • What feedback did your instructors give you
    • What were your areas of struggle/what are your focus areas for the second half of the inning?
    • What were your strengths?

Week 5/6

  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Mentor + Mentee Exit DTR