Module Exit DTR

This document is intended to facilitate the mentor and mentee partnership by encouraging clear communication and collaborative reflection. We feel this conversation would be most effective in an in-person meeting or Zoom call rather than a Slack conversation.

Note: this is a general template, and in future iterations there may be module/program specific versions based on specific program needs.

Conversation Guide

In week 6, mentor and mentee should plan to meet after the student has completed their portfolio presentation to reflect on the past inning, celebrate successes, and identify areas of growth for the upcoming module.

Student Reflection

  • Where have I grown technically?
  • Where have I grown professionally?
  • How can I grow in the areas I struggled in this past inning?

Instructor Feedback Reflection

  • What did my instructors indicate my strengths were?
  • What did my instructors tell me were my greatest opportunities for growth?
  • What did my instructors tell me I most needed to focus on?
  • How can my mentor best support me in these areas?

Mentor + Mentee Pair Reflection

  • What worked well for us this past module?
  • What were areas of struggle for us?
  • Do we both feel positive about continuing our working relationship into the next module?
  • What can we do to work more effectively together next inning?