Mentor Committee


The Mentor Committee is meant to serve as a direct line of communication and ideas between our mentor community and in-house teams.

Committee mentors will be a key part of this process, working with us to:

  • Run trials of new mentorship approaches and techniques to test for effectiveness and impact on student success
  • Preview and provide feedback on mentor specific trainings and professional development opportunities
  • Act as the main point of contact and voice of our greater mentor community
  • Be critical to the work of revisioning a robust, growth-oriented mentorship program that benefits both our students and our mentors personal and professional grown
  • Help define what mentorship at Turing is today and what it can be in the future

2008-2011 Inning Mentor Committee Members

We are thrilled to be working with this group as our founding Mentor Committee members:

  • Annie Wolff, on Slack: @wolffann
  • Eddie Zaneski, on Slack: @eddiezane
  • Heather Faerber, on Slack: @heatherF
  • Jacob Bogart, on Slack: @jacobogart
  • Melvin Cedeno, on Slack: @Melvin cedeno
  • Mike Duke, on Slack: @Duke
  • Vee Andrade, on Slack: @vee

Initial committee members plan to serve through December 2020 to allow for more consistent feedback and communication while we kick off this mentorship revitalization program. Future committee member groups will serve for approximately 3 months (2 modules).

Reasons to Join as a Committee Member

Turing’s strength lies in our exceptional community of people. Our mentor network has been an incredible part of our growth, and we want to support them as much as they support our students. This reimagining of our mentorship program will bring the focus back to you, our mentors, and your personal and professional growth. Members of the mentorship committee will be a critical part of this process, playing a key role in helping Turing identify how to grow, strengthen, support, and appreciate the mentors who make it work.

Committee Member Participation Needs

  • 2-3 inning commitment (~3 months)
  • Bi-weekly remote meeting with Turing team
  • Participate in regular feedback sessions to track success and alignment of program with mentor and student needs
  • Aid in development of trainings through communication, beta testing, and feedback
  • Help the greater mentor community remain engaged with Turing