Mentorship Compensation Options and Strategy

By providing a menu of compensation and recognition options, Turing aims to increase the visible and tangible recognition of the effort, experience, and value that mentors bring to the student experience at Turing.

This initiative is in development, but some options may include:

Automatic benefits

  • Mentors of graduating students receive the mentee’s cohort t-shirt and an invite to graduation
  • Mentors earn celebratory badges (stickers, patches, tshirts, etc) as they hit “Mile Marker” mentoring anniversaries (number of students mentored, number of mentees graduated, years mentoring, etc)

Future: mentor page on

  • Highlight work/efforts of mentors, show mentor committee members, display “mentor rank” that highlights mentor’s accomplishments/successes as an active member of our mentor community, etc
  • Goal: Give mentors a visible way to use the work done as a mentor in self-promotion, and gives the greater community insight into the high caliber of people Turing works with beyond our internal teams.