Mentor Trainings

Continued professional growth and career development

The goal of mentor-specific workshops is to provide our mentor community with high quality training on topics which build valuable skills that can be leveraged in the advancement of their own careers.

In process: Administering Technical Interviews

Expected to be a multi-session training course covering:

  • How to effectively deliver technical interview questions
  • Identifying a knowledgeable response to a question that indicates deep understanding of the topic
  • Identifying a poor response to a question that indicates a lack of understanding of the topic
  • Coaching a student in how to gracefully admit they don’t know the answer
  • Providing feedback/support on how to provide more complete, robust responses
  • Expectations of understanding/mastery for mods 3 and 4, and how to flag a response that indicates a concerning lack of mastery on a subject/topic
  • Bias training: exploring both interviewers bias, and how the interviewee may experience bias. Supporting students in being their authentic selves while helping them understand boundaries and how to tactfully/gracefully navigate bias they may encounter in an interview/professional situation.

Training Goals

Provide our mentor community with training on administering technical interviews, and how to coach someone new to the industry on how to excel in a technical interview setting. The goal of this specific training is to diversify the perspectives and feedback provided to students as they prepare for interviews by expanding the group of people available to provide mock interviews to students.

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Emma Byers

  • Community Engagement Coordinator
  • On Slack: @Emma Byers

Louisa Barrett

  • Senior Manager, Developer Relations
  • On Slack: @louisa